This extraordinary burger joint (with a slightly mad website) serves extremely large burgers of the best lamb, beef, venison, bacon, salad, vegetables (beetroot is a traditional burger inclusion in New Zealand), relishes, and sauces. It’s a shiny wood and big counter place, but too small for every customer to eat in-situ, so the routine is to order and pay at the counter, receive a numbered receipt, wait where you can see the big signboard, then eat in or out. Fillings have politically incorrect titles such as Sweet Bambi (venison), Little Lamby (ground lamb), and Southern Swine (bacon and beef). The Big Al burger is a high stack of double beef burgers, bacon, cheese, two eggs, slices of beetroot, tomato and red onion, relish, and sauce. Fries are extra (NZ$4.50 per serving). Its fame has spread, and queues can form.

Note that next door is Fergbaker, selling sweet and savory pies, cakes, croissants, Boston cream doughnuts, and other treats to go. It’s a Ferg empire.