For some 125 years, 5 Ballarat Street has housed food businesses, including a long-time grocery store, a vegetable and lolly shop, and, since 1972, a number of restaurants now relegated to history. When Madam Woo opened in 2014, it (she?) introduced a new style of eating to Queenstown: Asian street food in a comfortable restaurant. The decor captures the faded grandeur of colonial Malaysia and Singapore—charming if ever so slightly kitsch—and makes the best of what was a rambling country store with family quarters above. A large bar takes center stage, the longest wall has bench and cushion seating for small tables, the old shopfront window spaces are ideal for banqueting tables, and The Parlour Bar upstairs was likely the parlor of the family who lived above the shop. The menu is based on the street food of Malaysia. Hawker’s rolls as offered by Madam Woo show an Indian influence, with sturdy roti (flat breads) acting as edible plates. Held cup-shaped in one hand, they are filled with steamed or fried mains (fish, shellfish, pork, chicken), crisp greens, chillies, herbs, and sauces. Chef Jane Leong’s menu also offers substantial dishes such as fish curry with tamarind, chili and lemongrass, pork spare ribs, wonton soup, and shredded duck with cabbage salad.