Located 4km (2 1/2 miles) east of town, this unusually shaped tomb was built in 1111 by the Song Huizong emperor to honor Shao Hao, one of the legendary five emperors who succeeded the even more legendary first Chinese emperor, Huang Di (the Yellow Emperor). This flat-topped pyramid-shaped structure capped by a small brick altar with a yellow-tiled roof was supposedly built from 10,000 pieces of stone. Also here are two 17m-tall (56-ft.) stelae, Wanrenchou Jubei (Sorrow of Ten Thousand Stelae), meant to honor the Yellow Emperor, but the Song dynasty was driven from power before the stelae could be erected. Lying facedown since then, the tablets were hacked at by zealous Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution but were restored and set upright in 1992.