Five floors of traditional arts and crafts of Ecuador are on display at this superb modern museum. Run by the Fundación Sinchi Sacha, a nonprofit NGO interested in sustainable community development, you'll primarily find the work of indigenous groups from the Amazon basin and Andean and coastal communities here. While most other history museums in the city focus on gold and ceramics, the Museo Mindalae is more interested in handwoven basketry and textiles, weapons and hunting tools, and musical instruments. Cosmovision, the basic understanding of the cosmos in the Andes, is explored along with shamanism. The top floor of the museum represents a ceremonial space. The architecture is thoughtful, with a column of sunlight passing through glass inlaid on each floor. Most display explanations are in English, French, and Spanish. The museum also has an excellent gift shop, where visitors can buy contemporary examples of many of the artifacts on display. Set aside about 1 hr. for the museum.