Just a block and a half from the Plaza Grande, the colonial center of Quito, this boutique hotel takes up residence in the former home of the 17th-century Marqués de Jerez. The old wood floors, Persian rugs, and antiques attempt to preserve much of the character of the Republican-era building, with mixed results, as the juxtapositions can be odd. Aim for the rooms surrounding the front patio, as those in the back lack light and can be somewhat stuffy. The suites are all two levels, with a bedroom on one level and a comfortable sitting room on the other. The property is highlighted by two stunning courtyards, with the primary one hosting an average Spanish restaurant, El Rincón de Cantuña. Some of the rooms on the top floor have dramatic views of the Basilica and Ichimbia hill, though when reserving those keep in mind that the building lacks elevators.