The former executive chef of Zazu, a Peruvian of Chinese-Italian descent named Alexander Lau, is the owner of this trendy La Floresta restaurant. Since opening in early 2013, it quickly became a Quito hot spot, and reservations are a must on most nights. The dining areas are set inside a few rooms and a patio of a former residential building. The walls are brick and stone, and there's little décor aside from planters full of bamboo stalks and a wood-burning oven. The menu is reminiscent of Zazu before Lau left, with innovative plates that reflect the chef's diverse background. You won't go wrong with the tiradito parmesano (thinly sliced grouper in a light Parmesan cheese sauce) or the Brazilian moqueca (a seafood and coconut milk stew) with llapingachos (Ecuadorian pancakes) made from yucca.