Mea Culpa is Quito's grandest classical restaurant. Overlooking Plaza Grande from the second floor of the Palacio Arzobispal, it has one of the most beautiful restaurant settings in the Old Town, with vaulted ceilings, hand-carved wooden chairs, and tall windows with heavy drapes. Dinner here is a rather formal affair, requiring "business casual" attire. The menu is classic white-tablecloth and you'll get exactly what you expect: Above-average takes on pork tenderloin in raspberry sauce, ostrich filet flambéed in brandy and served with a maple-soy-apple reduction, and an array of pastas and steaks. The house specialty is a crepe stuffed with octopus, shrimp, mussels, and calamari. The wine list is extensive, mostly Chilean and Argentine, and there are some pricey bottles for those with deep pockets.