A very rare museum treat, displaying a unique collection of naïve paintings from the 15th century to the present day. It’s the most complete collection of naïve art in the world, housed in a colonial mansion in Laranjeiras, just one block from the Corcovado train. The main floor of the museum showcases a very impressive mural depicting Rio de Janeiro, a true Ode of Love to the city with that special Carioca touch. The basement has an eclectic collection of naïve art from other parts of Latin America and Europe. One of the few museums in the world where visitors are actually encouraged to, gently, touch the works of art in order to explore the textures, colors, and temperatures. Allow one hour. Tip: I f you are also visiting Corcovado, buy your train ticket first. If the wait is long, you can visit the museum while you await your departure.