Ceramic artist Thelma opened this lovely bed-and-breakfast/art gallery in May 2013 as a tribute to the Brazilian modernist art movement, which had and still has a tremendous influence on Brazilian art. Each of the five rooms is dedicated to a specific artist: the Volpi room, named after painter Alfredo Volpi, is decorated with geometric shapes and rustic antique furniture. The Bispo room is furnished with a canopy bed and whimsical artwork made from fabric and recycled materials, a fitting homage to eccentric artist Bispo do Rosario. The small patio features a private outdoor shower. Amaral, an homage to painter Tarsila do Amaral, is the most romantic room with a claw-foot tub, colorful artwork, and mirrored wooden shutters, looking out over the charming street. Some of the artwork on display, including a number of the ceramic sinks and the large wall sculpture in the Cavalcanti room, are made by Thelma herself. The staff are attentive and friendly. A delicious breakfast is served on the patio or in the guest rooms. Santa Teresa’s nightlife and main square is only a 5-minute walk away.