Rio’s prettiest bar and listed by the Guardian newspaper as one of the 10 best bars in the world, Rio Scenarium is a far cry from the dusty antique and prop rental shop  it was when the owners started a simple bar amidst the merchandise back in 2001. The bar played an important role in revitalizing this formerly derelict district and transforming it into a hopping nightlife destination. Over time, Rio Scenarium has expanded and the dusty antiques have been cleaned off, organized, and are now beautifully displayed. Make sure you walk around the three floors to admire the old pharmacy collection, furniture, vintage radios, and much more. But the Rio Scenarium is not just a pretty face. The main draw is its excellent live performances of Brazilian music, ranging from samba to choro and forró, the upbeat rhythm from northeastern Brazil. From Tuesday to Saturday, you can watch at least two shows a night. There is always an early show at 7:30pm, perfect for busy tourists or those who have not yet adapted to Rio’s time table. Cover ranges from R$20-R$40. Make sure to bring ID. All customers are registered upon entry and given a card on which all purchases are recorded and you pay only when you leave.