There is nothing better than taking a break at one of Rio’s delightful juice bars. You will find them on practically every corner, but Bibi Sucos is one of the better chains (the address here is for their Leblon outpost). Most juices (suco in Portuguese) are made from fresh fruit or frozen fruit pulp, thrown in a blender with a little bit of water or milk and some sugar. OK, actually a lot of sugar so if you prefer your juice less sweet, ask for it natural or sem açucar (artificial sweetener is also available, ask for adoçante). 

You will usually find a lengthy list of available juices. Must-taste options include maracujá (passion fruit), goiaba (guava), caju (cashew), melancia (watermelon) and abacaxi com hortelã (pineapple with mint). But you are also free to mix, for example, banana with mango or orange with papaya. Another delicious fruit treat is açai, a blueberry-like fruit from the Amazon packed with vitamins and antioxidants. It is mashed into a thick paste and served in a bowl, topped with some slices of banana and granola, if you'd like. Bibi Suco also serves up great snacks, such as slices of pizza, savory chicken and beef turnovers, hamburgers, and sandwiches.