Rivaling cities often compete over politics or sports, but Rio and São Paulo also have a long-standing feud over who has the best pizza. Cariocas prefer thin-crusted, crispy pizzas, often adding ketchup, much to the horror of Paulistas who believe their delicious thick-crusted pizza only needs a few basic ingredients (and none of those are ketchup). Braz will give you a chance to judge for yourself: the bustling dining room with large French doors, high ceilings, tile walls, and wooden paneling resembles a typical São Paulo cantina. The restaurant takes pride in serving the real São Paulo pizza, prepared on the spot and baked in a wood-burning oven. The menu includes a lengthy list of pizzas and calzones. Everything is made with top notch ingredients: anchovies, artichokes, cheeses, olives, flour and many other ingredients are imported directly from Italy. Pizzas come in large (9 slices) and medium (6 slices), which is plenty for two people, especially if you order an appetizer, like freshly baked Italian bread with calabresa sausage, a Caprese salad, or creamy burrata cheese served with crusty Italian bread. Next choose your flavors. To make it a bit easier, you may order two flavors; one for each half of the pizza. The most popular choices are the Margarita (mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil), Calabresa (spicy calabresa sausage, tomatoes, black olives, and onions) and the Romana (anchovy and mozzarella). Wash down your meal with an ice-cold draft beer served from an old-fashioned brass tap packed with ice.  And as far as the final verdict, São Paulo may be ahead of the game, earning the 2013 title of Best Pizza from Rio de Janeiro’s Veja Magazine.