Inaugurated in 2013, Crustô Bar feels like an intimate European café with red walls, warm lighting, and blackboard walls, furnished with handmade chairs, mismatched headboards used as backrests, and whimsical decorations. But that is just the set, the real star here is the food. The chef has spent many years working in France, Spain, and Andorra and serves his flavorful recipes from the Iberian Peninsula with impeccable presentations. Even the most simple dishes, like gazpacho or the pa amb tomaquet, (handmade bread topped with succulent tomatoes, olive oil, and fleur de sel) are perfectly seasoned with only the freshest ingredients.

The menu includes Spanish staples such as the potato tortilla and paella, but also unique creations like the grilled scallops on a bed of olive tapenade, sprinkled with crushed spicy cashew nuts and dollops of sour cream foam, or the Risoni de Pata Negra, a pasta with pata negra ham and melon, a creamy blend of sweet and savory. The bar serves up delicious cocktails and sangrias. Try the cava sangria made with chilled sparkling wine and fresh fruit. The desserts are also exquisite; conclude your meal with a "Brazilian" crème brûlée, made with green corn and a crisp layer of lemon foam, or the dark chocolate parfait, drizzled with olive oil and coarse salt. For an affordable meal, head to Crustô Bar for lunch and create your own tasting menu with a selection of three dishes for R$45.90.