Kilo restaurants are wonderful for a quick lunch or dinner: the dishes are served buffet-style so there is no menu to decipher, no waiting and you only pay for what you put on your plate. Housed in a beautiful 19th-century building near the former presidential palace, Estação Republica offers great food and plenty of seating, even during the busy noon–2pm lunch rush. Just head over to the buffet and begin filling up your plate. The buffet always includes a great variety of salads, appetizers, pasta dishes, vegetables, black beans, chicken, and meat. In the rear there is a grill where you can order freshly barbecued meat, chicken, and fish. There is also a sushi station where you can pick up sashimi and sushi rolls. Before sitting down to eat, the staff will weigh your plate and record the amount on a chit. Drinks are served at the table. Desserts are also served by weight, a great way to try a few different Brazilian sweets or some fresh fruit. Once you are finished eating, take your chit to the cash register. After you pay you will be handed another slip of paper that will be your ticket out the front door.