This intimate Japanese eatery is not easy to find. Tucked away in a cobblestone alley in Rio’s historic downtown, Hachiko is on the second floor, up an unassuming steep flight of stairs. Inside you will find an elegant contemporary restaurant with large windows overlooking the Palacio Tiradentes, Rio de Janeiro’s State Legislative Assembly. The kitchen serves up an amazing "all you can eat" meal, but instead of ordering from a set menu, the chef creates a delicious tasting menu with at least 12 courses that may differ from day to day. Start out with various servings of fresh sushi and sashimi, followed perhaps by a salmon carpaccio with passion fruit, tuna with a light teriyaki sauce and cashew nuts, dim sum, and a wasabi sorbet with salmon. After the appetizers, the meal moves on to the hot entrées like delicious noodles with pork, confit duck, stewed rabbit on a bed of mashed parsnip, jasmine rice with shrimp, and lamb. Fortunately, the dishes are just two or three bites so you can sample many without filling up too quickly. And if there is something you really enjoyed, just ask for another portion. On weekdays, this is a very popular lunch destination; to avoid the crowds go right around noon or plan to eat after 2pm.