Galetos are young fryer chickens prepared on a charcoal grill. This modern diner-style restaurant with booths and tables just off the Largo do Machado serves hundreds of succulent roasted galetos a day. Perfect for a quick lunch or dinner, one galeto with one or two side dishes will serve two people. The traditional galeto is barbecued with just a little bit of coarse salt, but O Bom Galeto also offers galetos with barbecue sauce, honey and rosemary, herbs, or curry. You also have the option of ordering the galeto desossado (deboned) but that takes all of the fun out of eating the chicken morsels with your hands. To make a full meal, order a few side dishes, for example a tomato or hearts of palm salad, French fries and black beans, or a roasted onion and rice with broccoli. In addition to galeto, the restaurant also serves grilled steak, salmon, and chicken breast.