After their success with Miam Miam, the owners of Oui Oui have perfected the formula for the hip and funky eatery: take a beautiful historic building, decorate it with tastefully mismatched retro furniture, use warm lighting and cozy colors, and, of course, prepare amazing food and fun drinks. Oui Oui serves up delicious small dishes, bigger than tapas but smaller than an entrée. The idea is that you sample various dishes and share with your fellow diners. The ideal number of table partners is two to four people so you can try at least six to eight different dishes. The menu is quite eclectic, including salads, vegetarian options, and meat and fish choices. Some examples are tender beef in a tangy lemon grass sauce, roasted tomatoes with goat cheese, Thai vegetables topped with grated coconut and cashews, mini-sausages with passion fruit sauce, caramelized pork ribs with pumpkin purée and goat cheese, duck risotto,   and more. The wine list offers an interesting selection of wines from both the New and the Old World. There is also a good selection of half bottles so you can pair them more easily with the variety of dishes. The lunch menu changes every week and includes a 3-course menu (appetizer, main, and dessert).