Nicknamed the "Magician in the Kitchen," creative Rio chef Felipe Bronze opened his second restaurant in July 2013. A botequim-style eatery with tile walls and a large sidewalk patio, Pipo is much less formal than his flagship restaurant, Oro, and a lot less pricy, but it still packs an amazing punch with fun and creative dishes. The menu can be described as upscale bar food, so you'll find lots of finger foods, sandwiches, and a few larger dishes that are perfect for sharing. Start with a classic Brazilian black bean soup, topped with a puff of kale foam, an order of Brazilian "fries" made from manioc, or the mini tuna temaki, sashimi tuna rolled in a crispy seaweed cone, with avocado foam and caramelized ginger. Bronze has also created a handful of different sandwiches with a gourmet twist. Try the tender pork with pineapple and smoked mayonnaise or the fried oysters topped with lemon confit and red onion. The larger dishes include grilled octopus served with spicy potatoes and pickled red pepper, Angus steak with rice or the popular camarão com catupiry, prawns with creamy catupiry cheese served in a ceramic dish that imitates the iconic catupiry packaging. The drinks are equally interesting and play with uniquely Brazilian ingredients. Sip a Belem Bellini, a concoction of taperebá (an Amazonian fruit) and sparkling wine, or the Caju amigo, a combination of cashew fruit juice, ginger, and cachaça. Beer lovers will appreciate the light and refreshing Pipo Summer Ale or the richer Pipo Pale Ale.