The best known of all churrascarias, the Porcão Rios also is blessed with one of the most stunning locations: steps from Flamengo beach, overlooking Guanabara Bay and the Sugarloaf. Although pricy, the Porcão offers impeccable service and a large selection of salads, side dishes and of course meat, and lots of it!  Make sure you go when you are hungry. As soon as you give the green light (by turning over the green card on your table) waiters will appear. They usually start off with some sausages, chicken hearts (surprisingly delicious and succulent), garlic bread, and grilled cheese. Then the heavy artillery comes out: a wide selection of different cuts of beef. Make sure you try the picanha (tender and flavorful with a small edge of fat), fraldinha (more texture and flavor) and alcatra (rumpsteak). Staff will also bring out Cupim, the hump of the cow, ribs, pork, chicken, lamb, and more. When you can no longer stand it, simply turn the card over to display the red “Stop” sign.  Please note that drinks and dessert are not included so staff will happily try to upsell you on those.