Santa Satisfação is the perfect neighborhood café where you can walk in anytime for a coffee, breakfast, fruit juice, snack, or light meal. White furniture, intimate seating, and a sidewalk patio give it a very European feel. The large menu includes everything from breakfast to salads, sandwiches, pastries, and full main courses.  Everything is freshly prepared and the chef regularly changes the special menu to make the most of seasonal ingredients. You will usually find several meat, chicken, fish, and vegetarian options. Servings are quite generous, for smaller appetites there are numerous half servings. Main courses may include grilled sole with tomato salsa, rice with broccoli and sauteed potatoes, or, from the pasta options, penne with four cheeses and grilled chicken, and spaghetti in olive oil and garlic topped with grilled prawns. The daily specials are posted on their website.