In an industry where turnover is par for the course and trendy restaurants don’t always last, Zazá just reached the respectable age of 15 without losing any of its sparkle. The charming blue house with an inviting wrap-around patio on the corner of Prudente de Moraes and Rua Joana Angelica welcomes diners to its whimsically decorated dining room. Lanterns, warm colors, rich upholstery, and fun artwork evoke a dreamy, tropical atmosphere. The kitchen serves a creative mix of Asian-inspired dishes and Brazilian-fusion. Indian samosas, Brazilian tapioca crepes with grilled cheese, and Thai coconut soup harmoniously coexist. Main courses lean more towards seafood and fish; try the grilled fish with caramelized plantains and palm hearts, or marinated seared tuna with wasabi mashed potatoes. However, there are also a few nicely done meat dishes, like a Thai chicken curry, pork ribs, and the roasted lamb with grilled yams and toasted almonds. The kitchen also caters to various dietary needs with numerous gluten-free dishes and vegetarian specials.