George Eastman, the founder of the legendary company Kodak and known as the father of popular photography, was born in upstate New York and reared in Rochester. An innovator, philanthropist, and consummate businessman, Eastman endowed the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester -- just one of many civic-minded projects -- and he left his magnificent mansion, now a National Historic Landmark and the oldest photography museum in the world, to the university (in fact, for a time, university presidents lived there). Visitors can tour several rooms and the wonderful formal gardens of his magnificent 1905 Colonial Revival mansion. Every bit as interesting, if not more so, are the extraordinary itinerant exhibitions featuring well-known artists such as Ansel Adams as well as more avant-garde shows and permanent photography collections that include more than 400,000 prints and negatives. Most children love the "Discovery Room" (Tues-Sun 1-4pm) that allows them to inspect antique cameras and make filmstrips and sun prints. The extraordinary gardens may be visited without admission to the house and museum. On-site are a terrific gift shop and a cafe.