For lovers of Napoli-style pizza (thicker crust), consider this pizzeria and cocktail bar with a unbashed passion for motion pictures. The décor flirts with Paris bistros and New York delis, with lots of vintage posters and furnishings, a warm and cozy atmosphere, and great lighting. In addition to the movie memorabilia, there’s even a functioning silver screen in one of the main dining rooms. Besides an impressive mixology department, and signature pizzas, the menu may feature spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino, a classic homestyle preparation made with properly assembled garlic, olive oil, and chili pepper flakes. The cuisine also includes offal, and why not, in Testaccio? So be prepared for braised tongue, liver, and grilled sweetbreads; plus street food with a wide selection of frankfurters, burgers, and delicious all-Roman trapizzini (triangular pizza pockets filled with local classics, like tripe or meatballs). An impressive choice of Italian and foreign craft beers and excellent music complete the warm setting.