This multi-functional dining behemoth—divided into trattoria, street food stall, buffet, and pizzeria—can accommodate pretty much whatever you fancy, whenever you fancy, any day you like. The decor is modern, vaguely industrial, with a daytime clientele of young families, white collars, and groups of friends—the vibe gets younger after dark. From the various menus, best bets are the 30 or so ciccheti, small appetizers that allow you to test and taste the kitchen’s range. Share a few platters of carpaccio di baccalà (thin slices of salt-cod), maialino (suckling pig with pureed apple and rosemary), and burrata e pomodori (Apulian mozzarella pouch filled with cream, served with tomatoes). Most of the regular menu (primi and secondi) also comes in half portions, and there are sub-10€ burgers, too. The pizzas are nondescript, so can be overlooked.