Monet immortalized Rouen’s cathedral in more than 30 paintings. Consecrated in 1063, the cathedral, a symphony of lacy stonework, was reconstructed after suffering damage in World War II. Two towers distinguish it: Tour de Beurre was financed by the faithful who were willing to pay for the privilege of eating butter during Lent. Containing a carillon of 56 bells, the 1877 Tour Lanterne rises to almost 150m (492 ft.), making its spire the tallest in France.

Inside, the cathedral’s choir is a masterpiece, with 14 soaring pillars. Particularly interesting is the Chapelle de la Vierge, adorned with Renaissance tombs of the cardinals of Amboise. Also entombed here is the heart of Richard the Lion-Hearted. Along the south-facing side of the cathedral is an entrancing collection of statues of saints that had previously adorned the exterior.