Perched on a mountaintop in the wild, densely forested northern tier of the Western Galilee, Montfort was originally built by French Crusaders; it was conquered by Saladin's armies in 1187 but recaptured by Crusaders in 1192. In the 13th century it was bought by the German Knights of the Teutonic Order who renamed it Starkenberg Castle and greatly added to its defenses. Despite its impregnable defenses, the castle was finally overrun by Sultan Baybars in 1271, who allowed its defenders safe passage to Akko. Goren Park offers a wonderful observation point, with a great sunset view of the castle; there is an uphill trail from the parking lot to the castle that could take from 30 minutes to an hour to hike, depending on your pace and fitness. SPNI can supply you with maps that will detail 4- and 5-hour hikes through the majestic countryside that lead to the castle.