The most easily accessible of all the country's Crusader ruins, Yechiam is an atmospheric, romantic place with windows and doorways framing vistas of the coastal plain it was designed to dominate. Probably built by the Templars in the late 12th century, Yechiam was destroyed by the Mamluke Sultan Baybars in the late 1200s. Its massive, strategic ruins were rebuilt in the 18th century by the local Bedouin warlord, Sheik Dahr El-Omar. Kibbutz Yechiam has renovated part of the castle and installed a series of restaurants, all quite pleasant, that have come and gone. At press time the restaurant was closed, but you should call to see if it's reopened before you visit. Yechiam Castle is one of the most romantic places to dine in Israel, and restaurant guests can wander through the ruins of the castle until 11pm. Crusader castles were made for twilight; watching nightfall framed by the stones of Yechiam is a memorable experience.