For years we have admired this perfectly round fort (Jorge Amado referred to it as "the belly button of Bahia") at the entrance of the lower city, thinking how cool it would be to visit. Now that it has been restored and we have visited, we have learned that some things look better from a distance. Originally built in 1650 and modified to its current configuration in 1812, it is still pretty cool to be able to set foot in the fort and have a look around, but it is not worth more than a 30-minute visit. There are a few exhibits on the history of the forts of Salvador (there used to be over 30; 17 now remain). For those who want to stretch their visit, a good restaurant called Buccaneros is inside the ramparts. Boats ferry visitors from shore regularly, leaving from inside the Centro Nautico (across from the Mercado Modelo, where the catamarans to Morro de São Paulo also leave from). If you are eating at the restaurant you are not required to pay the museum fee. Please inform the ticket office.