Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich commissioned this cemetery in 1595 to be laid out like an Italian campo santo. The tombs of Mozart's wife and his father, Leopold, are here. In the middle of the cemetery is St. Gabriel's Chapel, containing the mausoleum of Dietrich. The mausoleum's interior is lined with multicolored porcelain.

To reach the cemetery, walk down the Italian-style steps from St. Sebastian's Church. The original late-Gothic edifice dated from the early 16th century. It was rebuilt and enlarged in 1749, in the rococo style. Destroyed by fire in 1818, it was later reconstructed. Only the 1752 rococo doorway remains from the old church building. Paracelsus, the Renaissance doctor and philosopher who died in 1541, is entombed here. According to ancient Roman Catholic tradition, ceremonies here are carried out entirely in Latin.