Didi Mateschitz has placed the nucleus of his Red Bull empire in Salzburg, and Hangar-7 at the Salzburg Airport is where his "Flying Bulls" keep their flock of historic aircraft. This architecturally stunning "museum" more accurately resembles a showroom in the shape of a giant wing cross-section encased in glass. In addition to the planes, visitors can see Red Bull Formula One race cars, helicopters, motorcycles, and regularly changing art installations. When it isn't out on tour, lucky visitors can catch the Stratos capsule that took Felix Baumgartner to the edges of space for the ultimate skydive in 2013. For aeronautic enthusiasts or fans of Red Bull racing, this place is a must. Each vehicle has specific descriptions, and the exciting stories that go with them to boot. There are also frequent airshows at Hangar-7, where the Flying Bulls do mind-blowing stunts. These can be seen from within the museum thanks to the steel and glass structure, which allows for a full view of the heavens. It takes around 1 hr. to view the exhibited pieces. There is no entrance fee, which leaves enough money to stop for a drink or snack in the Carpe Diem Bar, soak up some sun at the outdoor lounge, or eat some "smart food" at the Mayday Bar. For those feeling decadent, the Restaurant Ikarus is a supreme adventure in culinary arts—chefs rotate monthly, working with an in-house team guided by star German chef Eckart Witzigman.