The setting alone will have you drooling as you approach private castle Schloss Klessheim, designed by Austria's legendary Fischer von Erlach. A Baroque exterior and cascading staircase easing into manicured gardens and a burbling fountain are just the beginning. Inside there is plenty of red velvet and posh chandeliers. While most casinos nurture a strict no-windows policy, guests at this free-standing estate can play blackjack under the stars on the terrace on balmy nights. To enter you need identification (ideally a driver's license or passport) and must adhere to the dress code: Except on hot summer days, men are encouraged to wear jackets, which are available to rent. As in most of Salzburg, tourists outnumber locals, however many Austrians do come from close by to gamble in the most opulent casino in the region. To get here, drive west along highway A1, exiting at "Schloss Klessheim," about a mile west of the center of Salzburg. A complimentary shuttle service from downtown also provides round-trip transportation. Technically there is no entrance fee, but a cover charge of €23 gets guests €25 worth of chips.