For time-honored Kaffeehaus flair, Bazaar is the ultimate choice. This elegant café on the banks of the Salzach has been around since 1909, when the building was a shopping row with lots of stands—hence the bazaar connection. The Brandstätter hotel family bought the café from the Thomaselli family in 2003 and continued the big-city Viennese coffeehouse tradition. It remains magical, with one giant room sporting antique wood paneling, marble-top tables, and adorable coffee sets served on the traditional silver tray. You can have breakfast all day long or just sip on coffee luxuriously. Juices are pressed daily and it pays to ask the server what's fresh. Try to score a just-baked croissant or the delicious Marillenknödel (a sweet warm dumpling filled with apricot), as both are fantastic. With a blissful view of the river, this is a great place to relax on a coffee break.