Die Geheime Specery is essentially a glorified delicatessen, but there's a certain magic to the place. The tuna is one of the claims to fame here; it comes from a small Spanish manufacturer that boasts it's the world's best, served right from the tin with crispy white bread. Besides the antipasti dishes, there are warm choices of pork, veal, and venison, and delicious fresh homemade pasta. In the front room, the glass antipasti display case is surrounded by shelves of canned and bottled goods. While the first room has booths, in back it's a bit more formal under a sparkling chandelier. There's a terrace outside in summer, on a small street overlooking part of the old university and the Franciscan monastery. Despite the word "geheim" (secret) in the name, this place is quite well known by now and has adjusted prices accordingly (the tuna is €22). But it's a nice splurge for a candlelight dinner or, more affordably, a light snack with wine.