When you walk in, a crackling stove and inviting hospitality transport you back to a simpler time in Salzburg, when all meat was organic and pictures of the kaiser adorned every wall. The celebration of tradition is what makes this beefeater's paradise legendary. These people know their way around a cow, and while there are other meats, fish, and vegetables on offer, the cuts of beef shown on the menu are what the Gasthof is famous for. They're served with chive sauce, potatoes, and apple horseradish, and accompanied by soup and seasonal vegetables. The very few fish and vegetarian options include ricotta and potato ravioli with celery mousse and truffle and a delicious pot au feu fish soup. Most patrons go for the beef. The quality of service is as topnotch as the cooking. While many places in Salzburg have nice gardens, this is one of the most charming, with flowering trees in springtime, and a protected feel, enclosed within castle walls. Inside it's country-style Austrian, with wooden furnishings, cozy benches, and classy table settings. This is where the old aristocracy still goes to dine. This Gasthof may be a bit off the beaten path, but it's worth the trek.