Note: Due to the deaths of four of its trainers (in orca attacks) and the deaths of scores of orca whales and dolphins, SeaWorld has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years. Many feel that keeping these large animals in confined quarters is inhumane. Others point out that SeaWorld has been making a concerted effort to improve conditions at its parks, and that the company has invested millions of dollars, over the years, in ocean conservation efforts and acquatic study programs. Only you can decide which side is correct. We'd urge our readers to take a look at both the documentary Blackfish and SeaWorld's response before visiting the SeaWorld parks. Below is the Frommer's author's non-political review of the park.

The largest of the brand’s three marine life adventure parks in the United States, 250-acre SeaWorld San Antonio keeps adding to its wet-‘n’-wild attractions, which include an enormous wave pool, a “loco” river, and a variety of watery roller coasters. The biggest draw continues to be the marine mammals, from penguins and sea lions to dolphins and orcas, whether you prefer to watch them perform, view them from underwater, or swim with them. Negative press slowed down attendance for a while but SeaWorld’s focus on its conservation efforts—not to mention the public’s short memory—have made this place more popular than ever.