Every year brings another thrill ride to this theme park, set on 200 acres in an abandoned limestone quarry and surrounded by 100-foot cliffs. Among the extreme rides are the Tornado, an exhilarating wet and wild tunnel and funnel tubing experience; the Superman Krypton Coaster, nearly a mile of twisted steel with six inversions; the Rattler, one of the world's highest and fastest wooden roller coasters; the 60-mph-plus Poltergeist roller coaster; and Scream!, a 20-story space shot and turbo drop. Laser games and virtual reality simulators complete the technophilia picture. Feeling more primal? Wet 'n' wild attractions include the Lone Star Lagoon, the state's largest wave pool; the Texas Treehouse, a five-story drenchfest whose surprises include a 1,000-gallon cowboy hat that tips over periodically to soak the unsuspecting; and Bugs' White Water Rapids.

If you want to avoid both sogginess and adrenaline overload, check out a vast variety of food booths, shops, crafts demonstrations, and live shows of everything from 1950s musical revues to the laser-fireworks shows (held each summer evening). This theme park still has some local character, dating back to the days when it was plain old Fiesta Texas: Themed areas include a Hispanic village, a western town, and a German town. But when it came under the aegis of Six Flags, a Time Warner company, Looney Tunes cartoon characters such as Tweety Bird became ubiquitous, especially in the endless souvenir shops. Sometimes you can get discounts through some hotels, and there's usually a discount for buying tickets online.