Dueling rock 'n' roll piano players more than tickle the ivories here, they boogie up and down them like madmen (and women) while the whole place rocks, rolls, pulses, and sways. Everyone, loudly, sings—or howls—along. This high-energy request-happy music show is all about crowd participation, and picking on the audience is part of it, so don't stand too close to the pianos if you don't want to be hazed. This rowdy bar is all about drinking, dancing, getting loud, and having fun. Howl at the Moon offshoots can be found in more than a dozen cities across America, but since this one is in South Texas, it's usually sweaty, high-volume, and crowded on weekends. With street-level balconies overlooking the River Walk, it's a natural spot for young people to flock to for fun.