This dark little hotel bar not only sits steps from the Alamo, but also from the Rivercenter Mall; while ladies wander where they will, some men like to just stay behind at this historic old spot. Teddy Roosevelt is said to have recruited Rough Riders here, but there's nothing rowdy about the clientele today. Many patrons come from the celebrated grande dame of San Antonio hotels, the next-door Menger (so, of course, ladies like it here, too). The bar is an exact replica of London's House of Lord's Pub, with a dark cherry wood ceiling, antique beveled mirrors from France, original brass spittoons, and a bar that cattlemen have bellied up to for more than a century. There's a small upstairs gallery seating area. The Menger Bar has been voted one of the Top Ten Most Historic Bars in the United States. I appreciate that it always seems dark and cool, like ducking into a cave after a boiling hot summer day downtown. Try the homemade Bloody Mary mix, or just sip smooth bourbon and toast Teddy Roosevelt's ghost—he's but one of 30-some-odd apparitions that are said to haunt The Menger. Ask the bartenders and they'll tell you all the stories. Don't forget you can order sandwiches, hamburgers, and appetizers here, too—it really is like a pub in that sense. Folks don't come here for the food, though; there are many great spots nearby for that. It's the bar that's the draw. Be sure to tip the bartender and then tip your hat to Teddy Roosevelt's portrait above the bar before you leave.