There is something about this no reservations place that reminds me of the San Antonio of my college days, when South Texas was full of family-owned ice houses—places where everybody ate tacos and sat outside and drank beer, a time when fried food didn't seem all that bad for us, and when a burger with everything on it really had everything on it. Chris Madrid's is a family place with that same feel: A super-casual hamburger joint where Tex-Mex meets the American hamburger. The largest burgers here aren't just big, they're called "macho" burgers, and they're a carnivore's dream. The most San Antonio-style burger you'll ever try is the "tostada burger," topped with crushed tortilla chips, refried beans, and lots of melted sharp cheddar cheese. The crunchy chips and the warm refried beans make this the perfect Tex-Mex combination, so good it will astonish you. The house's other signature burger is the "cheddar cheesy burger," which in its macho state is overwhelming—and wonderful. The cheddar oozes everywhere, spilling out of the bun. A burger and an order of Chris Madrid's homemade fries will fill you for a week. Since it is a family spot, plenty of menu options for the kids are offered as well. The vibe here is laid-back and local, friendly and fun, and the back patio has that ice house vibe. This old-school Texas burger joint has been a beloved San Antonio institution since forever, so when owner Chris Madrid passed away a couple years back, the entire city mourned. Madrid's family (they still run the place) is well loved by locals, and visitors keep showing up for the burgers.