La Gloria celebrates the street foods of Mexico: casual, affordable, and (often) eaten with your hands. Here, however, you can be sure that all the simple, zesty south-of-the-border fare is made-to-order fresh. (Chef Johnny Hernandez gets much of his produce from the Pearl’s weekend farmers market.) Corn tortillas for the tacos, queso fundido (savory melted cheese), and quesadillas are all handmade. In season, don’t miss the roasted corn, rich with white cotija (farmer’s cheese) and a drizzle of Mexican cream. Adding to the casual atmosphere: Garage doors transform the restaurant into an indoor-outdoor space, weather permitting, and you can grab your Mexican soda or cold Corona out of an ice box as you walk in. One of the hottest chefs in town and getting an international reputation, Hernandez has several other popular eateries in town, including at the airport, and in other cities (see his website for details). He’s nevertheless meticulously involved in everything, down to plates designed by Mexican artists.