Resting above a section of the River Walk not populated by tourist traffic, and easily accessible from the center of town on foot, sits a fine little restaurant with a tiny kitchen. Good things come in small packages, they say, and the old ways are sometimes the best ways. Both of these maxims fit perfectly with the concept behind Restaurant Gwendolyn. Named for the chef/owner's grandmother, Gwendolyn is what the chef calls a "Victorian" restaurant. Everything served is organic, seasonal, and fresh, with greens and herbs from the restaurant's garden. Nothing is processed or contrived and everything is done the old-fashioned way. The chef takes the Victorian thing even further by banning any modern gadgets from his kitchen. "Nothing with a plug," says Chef Michael Sohocki, who says he likes to "do things the right way—not the easy way." Everything he creates in his little kitchen is deliberate and delectable. Offering only 3- or 5-course prix-fixe dinners, the menu may be limited, but it never disappoints. Foodies find Sohocki's food to be near perfect. Critics do, too—Sohocki was named the 2012 Rising Star Sustainability Chef and received a James Beard nomination. Restaurant Gwendolyn's atmosphere is simple, sweet, and semi-formal. Guests can watch the chef at work through a large kitchen window. Jackets are not required, but appreciated—along with advanced reservations. For those driving in, look for a metered parking spot on the street, or take advantage of the restaurant's valet parking.