In these days of Instagram filters and selfies, how refreshing it is to spend some time among the works of Ansel Adams, Walker Evans, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dorothea Lange, and other masters of the visual image. This small museum tucked inside the lovely Casa de Balboa regularly rotates its exhibitions, culled from a permanent collection of 7,000 images that span the entire history of the medium, from the earliest daguerreotypes to landmarks in 20th-century photojournalism to today's digital constructions. 

It also features a library stocked with 20,000 photography-related items, plus a state-of-the-art screening room showcasing an eclectic lineup that includes contemporary Italian films and documentaries on the creative process. A gift shop offers funky cameras, such as the Holga and the Diana F+, as well as art books and accessories. The institution is currently preparing for the city's centennial celebration of the 1915 Panama-California Exposition with a globally-minded video installation called "7 Billion Others," featuring interviews and images of thousands of people across scores of countries.