Do your fantasies include sleeping to the ocean's rhythmic music? Wish you could float on the waves night and day? It's easy to make such dreams come true at this outstanding beach escape. Family owned and faithfully tended, the complex includes cottages straight out of New England, lining a wooden pier jutting into the ocean. Wooden shutters and geraniums blooming in window boxes by front doors hint at pleasures inside, including beds covered with quilts, kitchens with full-sized refrigerators and, best of all, a deck with an umbrella-shaded table and chairs, plus lounge chairs, perched above the waves. A large percentage of guests return annually to the same cottage, parking their cars outside the front door, hanging their beach towels off the deck railings, and refusing to leave until the vacation account has run dry. Three suites on the boardwalk are similarly laid out, sans parking and overwater deck; one is a simple room without kitchen. The demand is so high it's best to reserve your cottage four to six months ahead for winter and 11 months for summer. That said, you can luck out and book a cottage at the last minute-—it's always worth checking. Minimum stays required.