Neighbors gossip as they slip through the glass-framed open front doors at this inviting bistro. Conversations continue as they settle in at wooden tables and chairs, and the noise reaches deafening levels when the airy, open room fills with eager diners. Chef Carl Schroeder and restaurateur Teryle Garve, masterminds behind the Del Mar’s outstanding Market Restaurant + Bar, have a second winner here, with prices that encourage frequent visits and a constantly changing menu based on locally sourced ingredients. The BBQ pork tacos are too popular to delete from the menu, as is the beefy BH burger; other choices vary so often regulars never get bored; try the chili shrimp jambalaya if offered. Cleverly named craft cocktails (The Stalker, Sherry Cobbler, Talent Scout) also change with the seasons, and there’s a good wine and beer selection. A happy hour menu appears in earl evening and a late night menu after 9:30, though you can’t be sure what time the place will close, since the owners rely on the crowd to tell them when to turn out the lights.