A few blocks from Old Town's Mexican restaurants with food tamed for timid palates, chefs at this little cottage remain faithful to their South American recipes and spices, though the staff will suggest milder dishes if asked. Nearly every Central and South American country is represented on the menu, making choices difficult for anyone who's traveled the region. The papas choriadas, a Peruvian potato salad, brings back memories of the Andes, while the Brazilian Vatapa is filled with the tropical flavors of coconut and ginger. Spain gets a nod with paella and tortilla español, but I prefer going for impossible-to-find-anywhere-else dishes such as Venezuelan arepas, the perfect vegetarian option with masa patties filled with cheese served with black beans and salad. The dining room is reminiscent of Latina America as well, with its simple high-backed wooden dining chairs, woven tablecloths covered with glass, ruffled curtains and paintings of famed landmarks. The menu's the same for lunch (smaller portions) and dinner.