The closest restaurant to gorgeous La Jolla Cove is housed in one of the few historic beach bungalows still standing across from the sea, gorgeously renovated a century after it was first built in 1894. The best sea views are from the front porch tables, but the rooms indoor are utterly charming with its white wooden walls and ceiling, shadow boxes with sea glass and shells and fireplace covered with hand-painted plates. The puffy Coast Toast is by far the most popular breakfast item, thanks to ingredients including whipping cream and OJ, though someone at your table should order the artichoke and asparagus omelet with truffle goat cheese. Lunch segues into sandwiches and salads, starring the lamb wrap with feta and tapenade and other clever combos, while dinner brings out the heavy hitters like ginger-chili glazed salmon and macadamia crusted scallops. Note: Steep stairs from the street limit wheelchair access.