Pizza lovers face ever-increasing options in San Diego, especially for fancy pies with an emphasis on artisan ingredients (Pizzeria Mozza, Blue Ribbon Artisan Pizza). But for the back-to-the-basics, good ol’ fashioned, fuggedaboutit, fold-a-slice-and-stuff-your-face action, locals line up at Bronx Pizza. This cash-only, counter-service joint, a Hillcrest mainstay, is built for quick slices, with a takeout window and simple dining areas featuring red vinyl booths and Big Apple décor—subway murals, Yankees logos, and photos of Babe Ruth, boxers, and Rudy Guiliani. The menu is limited, as is the cashier's patience if you’re looking for something they don't carry—distractions such as "creative" toppings, salads, pastas, or wings. Bronx Pizza specializes in simple, thin-crust, 18-inch pies; cheese and pepperoni are staples, but the white pie with spinach has its devotees.