Warm and cozy neighborhood bistro or stylish and sophisticated Parisian-style café? Café Chloe diners get both. Since 2004, locals have packed this East Village fixture for the all-day menu of French-inspired bistro fare. Menu standouts include tart cherry syrup over whole wheat pancakes or a croque-madame for breakfast; for lunch, steak frites, or a mac and cheese dish updated with pancetta and Blue d’Auverge; for something more date-night ready, a three-course prix-fixe punctuated by a signature pistachio bread pudding. Sure, the small wooden café tables and chairs are less than plush, but the vibe to this intimate space tends to inspire a leisurely, European pace to a meal, especially on the small sidewalk patio with a cup of coffee, a glass of lavendar lemonade, or a boutique wine.