This funky, nautically-themed hole-in-the-wall on the pier greets guests with a costumed pirate and panoramic views of the San Diego harbor and skyline. A walk-up window slings a limited menu of tasty eats—kimchi pulled pork sandwiches, housemade sausages, and creative hot dogs such as the Pizza Dog or the Explodo, a bacon-wrapped Vienna beef frank with pepper jack, kimchi, and mustard. If you're thinking the food and the views sure would be nice with a cold beer, you're (A) right and (B) in luck. A long list of craft brews are available, 15 on tap and more in bottles, mostly San Diego and West Coast offerings such as Alesmith Speedway Stout and Russian River's Pliny the Elder. Linger in the sea breeze on the outdoor tables, or take a stool inside at the small counter that looks out over the water.