Dare you to not have fun sipping the perfect margarita, nibbling chips with chunky guacamole, and gabbing with friend on a bright orange couch on a balmy afternoon. LA design meets TJ street food in this slick hot spot. Its glass door open to two levels, plus an umbrella shaded patio, all packed most days and nights with happy eaters. The food sets this place apart from other trendy spots—here, authentic regional Mexican street tacos take top billing and each one is a culinary work of art. Go for the $11 three-taco mix, choosing a chicken verde with jalapeño and caramelized onion, Baja fish with tempura crisp cod and the rajas veg (sautéed chilies, corn, and mushrooms with cheese). Or go wild and add a taco filled with lobster chunks or filet mignon for a few dollars more. Heartier entrees with black beans and Jasmine rice include a cochinita pibil worthy of its yucatecan roots. Beers on tap include six Mexican favorites, with nary a watery Corona in sight.